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Fragile is an exhibition of Art Textiles & Photography at the Pond Gallery, Snape Maltings, IP17 1SR.  From Friday 28th July to Wednesday 2nd August 10am - 4pm.

I am privileged to be sharing in this exhibition  with renowned Textile Artist Vinny Stapley, whom I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with on several occasions, including the image above, published in Coast Magazine.

About Fragile

​Saltmarshes and mudflats are two of Britain’s last natural wildernesses. Inspired by the Saltmarsh and Mudflats of the Blackwater Estuary where they live, multi- disciplinary artists, Vinny Stapley and Chrissie Westgate have collaborated in this joint exhibition to show a body of work that challenges us to think differently about the Saltmarsh and coastlines, that are in danger and under extreme threat from climate change and coastal erosion.

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